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University launches interim closure policy for this winter

Pitt announced a new interim policy for severe weather closures on Wednesday. The new policy allows the chancellor to close the University as a result of severe weather with consultation from other administrators.

By Rebecca Johnson, Staff Writer

November 14, 2019

Pitt announced a new interim policy for severe weather closures that includes more University administrators than just the chancellor in the decision to partially or fully cancel classes.

Survey results highlight misconduct, sexual assault on campus

Chancellor Patrick Gallagher announced in a Tuesday email that the University would be implementing a community-driven response following the Association of American Universities 17-page report examining the current state of sexual assault and misconduct on campus.

By Jon Moss, Assistant News Editor

October 16, 2019

The Association of American Universities released a 217-page report and data tables Tuesday examining the current state of sexual assault and misconduct on 33 university campuses, including Pitt.

Gallagher provides report on University initiatives amidst divestment protest

The Board of Trustees approved several changes to Pitt’s bylaws on Friday at Pitt Johnstown.

By Jon Moss, Assistant News Editor

September 29, 2019

As Chancellor Patrick Gallagher prepared to take the podium Friday at Pitt’s Board of Trustees meeting at Pitt’s Johnstown campus, shouts rang out from the back of the meeting room.

Board committee approves budget, tuition hikes

Chancellor Patrick Gallagher addressed the University’s admission process in relation to the FBI’s Operation Varsity Blues at the most recent board of trustees meetings.

By Jon Moss, News Editor

July 10, 2019

At a public meeting in Posvar Hall Wednesday afternoon, the executive committee of Pitt’s Board of Trustees approved a $2.4 billion operating budget for fiscal year 2020.

Gallagher: Endowment report to be released soon

Pitt's Board of Trustees may discuss fossil fuel divestment at Friday's meeting.

By Jon Moss, News Editor

June 28, 2019

In an interview after Friday’s board of trustees meeting, Chancellor Patrick Gallagher said he received a report from Pitt’s Socially Responsible Investment Committee and will release it before students return for the fall semester.

Chancellor seeks state funding at Harrisburg hearing

Chancellor Patrick Gallagher testified Tuesday with executives from other state universities including Penn State, Lincoln and Temple in front of the state Senate Appropriations Committee in Harrisburg to advocate for their requested funding.

By Jon Moss, Contributing Editor

February 27, 2019

Chancellor Patrick Gallagher testified Tuesday in front of the State Senate Appropriations Committee in Harrisburg with other executives from Pennsylvania universities, hoping to increase state funding for higher education for the 2019-20 fiscal year.

Editorial: Pitt needs to handle the cold better

On Wednesday morning, students were alerted about classes’ cancellation just after 7:30 a.m. The University plans to continue normal operations today.

By The Pitt News Editorial Board

January 31, 2019

Pitt needs a more formalized plan for cancellations due to inclement weather for the safety of its students and staff.

Chancellor Gallagher receives raise, additional incentive

Following his 2.25 percent raise, Chancellor Patrick Gallagher will have a salary of more than $1,000,000 in the 2019 fiscal year.

By Anna Bongardino, Contributing Editor

January 14, 2019

The combination of the 2.25 percent increase in the chancellor’s salary — to a base salary of $550,000 — and the payout from his retention agreement will result in a salary of more than $1,000,000 for Chancellor Gallagher during the 2019 fiscal year.

Chancellor recommends renaming Parran Hall

Pitt's public health building, Parran Hall, is named after Thomas Parran, a controversial Surgeon General of the United States (Photo by Chiara Rigaud | Staff Photographer)

By Christian Snyder and Grant Burgman | The Pitt News Staff

June 25, 2018

The months-long campaign to rename Parran Hall, the primary home of Pitt’s Graduate School of Public Health, reached a turning point Monday when Chancellor Patrick Gallagher issued a recommendation to University trustees that the building be renamed in light of Thomas Parran’s controversial record...

Pitt extends contract with Athletic Director Heather Lyke

Pitt Athletic Director Heather Lyke. (TPN File photo)

By Joanna Li | Senior Staff Writer

May 1, 2018

Chancellor Patrick Gallagher announced last week a six-year extension to Athletic Director Heather Lyke’s contract. Lyke was hired in March 2017 to replace Scott Barnes — and she had a busy first year. “I am grateful to Chancellor Gallagher and our Board of Trustees for their belief in me, our team a...

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