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Photos by Justin Merriman on display at the ART Heals Pittsburgh exhibit in the Public Health Building.

ART Heals Pittsburgh showcases the role of community art in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic

By Amber Frantz, Staff Writer April 19, 2024

When quarantine began in March of 2020, the kitchen table became the classroom and the living room couch served as the conference room for business meetings. Lockdown ushered in a wave of isolation and...

A masked Pitt student walks outside the Petersen Events Center in January 2024.

What to know about JN.1, the latest COVID-19 variant 

By Bella Markovitz, Senior Staff Writer January 17, 2024
Almost four years after the initial outbreak of COVID-19, new strains continue to circulate and spread. JN.1 is the newest and most dominant variant.
A COVID-19 test from 2020.

Influenza more ‘prevalent,’ ‘severe’ than usual on Pitt’s campus

By Alexandra Ross, Senior Staff Writer December 2, 2022
The COVID-19 Medical Response Office said flu season is “in full swing” on Pitt’s campus much earlier than its typical peak, raising concerns about the combined impact of the flu and COVID-19 on vulnerable populations.
The Cathedral of Learning from Schenley Plaza.

As Pitt confronts virus, students share feelings about COVID-19 rules

By Donata Massimiani, Staff Writer August 24, 2022
As Pitt prepares to take on COVID-19 for the third year, students expressed mixed feelings about the current state of the pandemic.

Pitt’s COVID-19 community levels remain low, CoVax vaccination center offers vaccines for young children

By Allison Radziwon, Assistant News Editor June 23, 2022
Pitt officials said Wednesday that COVID-19 community levels are expected to “continue to fluctuate” in the Pennsylvania region, but community levels on all campuses remain medium or low.

Pitt’s COVID-19 community risk shifts to medium, masks now optional indoors

By Allison Radziwon, Assistant News Editor June 11, 2022
Pitt officials said Friday that the CDC has moved COVID-19 Community Levels from high to medium in Allegheny County.
According to an email from the CMRO, COVID-19 cases remain high in the state but cases are “way down” on campus compared to the omicron variant’s peak.

Pitt adds 118 new COVID-19 cases since April 13

By Colm Slevin, Senior Staff Writer April 21, 2022
Pitt officials said Thursday that 93 students and 25 employees tested positive for COVID-19 from April 13 to 19.
Zach Conley, a junior marketing major who lived in isolation housing for two days, stands on Atwood Street in South Oakland.

Students in Pitt isolation housing describe maintenance, communication issues

By Alexandra Ross, Staff Writer February 11, 2022
Students in Pitt isolation housing in January said they experienced a range of problems, from poor communication to maintenance and cleanliness issues. A Pitt spokesperson said the University is committed to “safety, cleanliness and comfort” in isolation housing.
Opinion | Is 2022 the year of apathy?

Opinion | Is 2022 the year of apathy?

By Julia Kreutzer, Senior Staff Columnist January 30, 2022
Amid yet another surge of COVID-19, another bat with virtual classes and another year of “pivoting,” apathy has become the name of the game. It seems we’re giving up — whether it’s becoming more and more pessimistic about performing, sacrificing some worker safety to preserve the workforce or seeming to ignore rising cases.
Opinion | We can’t have a repeat of last semester

Opinion | We can’t have a repeat of last semester

By India Krug, Senior Staff Columnist January 12, 2022
The way to ensure strong mitigation is an accessible, universal online option during the spring semester.
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