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Labels — even hyphenated ones — don’t tell the whole story

Satvika Neti discusses identity at Saturday’s TEDx University of Pittsburgh event. (Photo courtesy of Ian Callahan)

By Brian Gentry | Columnist

April 3, 2018

After being introduced as a lover of the Constitution, Satvika Neti tripped onto the stage in the William Pitt Union Assembly Room Saturday afternoon, sporting a white “We the people” undershirt. Neti was one of five speakers at Saturday’s TEDx event, which focused on a single topic — Rethin...

“What are you?”: Embracing a mixed-roots identity

(Illustration by Raka Sarkar | Senior Staff Illustrator)

By Erica Brandbergh | Columnist

November 13, 2017

I once asked my dad, out of curiosity, whether he put Caucasian, Asian or both on surveys that ask about his race. He paused for a bit and said he didn’t know. I asked if he identified with one more than the other, and he was unsure of that as well. My dad is half-Japanese. He was born on an American Army base in...

Identity politics: finding my heritage in a hometown I never knew

Kim Rooney (left) studied abroad in China this summer and visited the welfare center in Gaoyou. (Photo Courtesy of Kim Rooney)

By Kim Rooney | Contributing Editor

August 28, 2017

When talking about adoption, people approach me with a delicate curiosity, like when enquiring about the sick or the dying. Apologies, whether for the assumption that my parents are my birth parents or for the adoption itself, are common. People don’t quite know what to say to me. They ask more...

Being trans at Pitt: my story

Madeline Barber writes for The Pitt News culture section. (Photo by Anna Bongardino | Visual Editor)

By Madeline Barber | For The Pitt News

May 30, 2017

As a child, I was a stereotypical boy. I played in the dirt, my favorite toys were my Tonka trucks and I loved to break things. I wasn’t interested in “girl” things like sewing or nail polish, and my favorite color wasn’t pink. To my mother, there was no way I could be trans because I so eag...

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