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Pitt task force planning research restart effort

Rob Rutenbar, the senior vice chancellor for research, leads Pitt’s Task Force on Research Restart.

By Ashton Crawley, Senior Staff Writer

May 14, 2020

Rob Rutenbar, the senior vice chancellor for research, said at Thursday afternoon’s Senate Council meeting that research is restarting now on a rolling basis after originally shutting down in March. He added that due to the pandemic, labs are now required to place pandemic-specific protective measures in place. “That means that in many cases, laboratory environments have to be reconfigured to maintain social distancing,” Rutenbar said. “That may mean that schedules have to be modified in order to not have too many people in the room at the same time. They have to show that they’re ready to do that.”

Breaking a leg: Pitt med students archive their plays in art exhibit

A Scope and Scalpel exhibit in Scaife Hall showcases playbills from med student productions over the past 63 years. (Photo by Maria Heines | Staff Photographer)

By Marissa Perino / Staff Writer

July 11, 2017

Nestled deep within Falk Library atop Cardiac Hill sits one of Pitt’s most unknown gems — a small art exhibit comprised of artifacts from past plays performed by Pitt’s medical school. Annually, fourth-year med students perform a pop culture-themed play with a medical twist, called Scope & Sca...

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