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Board appoints new Provost, inducts five new trustees

Former Boston University Dean of the College of the Arts and Sciences Ann E. Cudd is succeeding Patricia Beeson as Pitt's new Provost.

By Kieran Mclean | Staff Writer

July 11, 2018

The Pitt Board of Trustees appointed former Boston University Dean of the College and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Ann E. Cudd, as Pitt’s new provost Friday, June 29. The board also inducted five new trustees, including President and CEO of the Pittsburgh Penguins David J. Morehouse and...

SGB updates on provost search

SGB President Max Kneis discusses a resolution he introduced supporting the development of an educational hub at Pitt’s Titusville campus during Tuesday night’s meeting. (Photo by Sarah Cutshall | Staff Photographer)

By Madeline Gavatorta | Staff Writer

February 7, 2018

At Student Government Board’s weekly meeting Tuesday, Senior Vice Chancellor of Research Rob Rutenbar said the provost search committee involves no smoke or bunkers. “The search committee I am chairing is not decisional. And what that means is that we don’t all go retreat to the Cathedral, go...

The Case of the Missing Monday: Extended winter break might mean longer classes

Students walk across Forbes Avenue. (TPN File photo)

By John Hamilton and Ashwini Sivaganesh / The Pitt News Staff

January 15, 2018

If you are signed up for a class that meets on Monday this semester, you might be asked to stay a little longer or come in on a Saturday — if your professor is following instructions from the provost’s office. A message from the Academic Calendar Committee informed professors and University departments that they should coordinate arrangements to make up for a “missing” class day. Becau...

SGB calls Beeson “champion of student input”

SGB president Max Kneis responded to Patricia Beeson’s announcement of stepping down from her current position at last night’s SGB public meeting. (Photo by Issi Glatts | Staff Photographer)

By Madeline Gavatorta | Staff Writer

November 8, 2017

In response to Provost Patricia Beeson’s announcement that she will be stepping down from her current position, Student Government Board President Max Kneis referred to the Pitt provost as a “champion of student input” at Tuesday’s meeting. Beeson has spent eight years as provost, following 17 ye...

Letter to the Editor | Grad student: How can I produce my best work if I can hardly afford to eat?

Pitt's food pantry helped graduate student Andréa Hanna get by on a salary below living wage. (Photo by Kyleen Considine | Staff Photographer)

By Andréa Hanna, Graduate Student

July 29, 2017

Dear Editor, I read the message from the provost, Patricia Beeson, about the graduate student union yesterday with some interest and reservations. My first concern, and I quote the provost's message here, is when she says, it is "the education, not the financial support, is the goal of graduate study." It is indee...

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