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Pitt News editors rank the top 10 scariest things they saw this Halloween — including party hunting in South O and $80 Uber rides.

Editorial | The top 10 scariest things we saw this Halloween

By The Pitt News Editorial Board October 31, 2021
Despite the unusually warm weather and midterm burnout, Halloween still arrived. Here are the scariest things we saw this Halloween weekend.
As of Sunday, “Squid Game” ranks #3 on Netflix’s Top 10 in the US Today list.

A comprehensive summary of Netflix’s current ‘Top 10’

By Diana Velasquez, Culture Editor October 31, 2021
Have you been caught in the “Squid Game” craze? Or maybe you’re feeling the “love” from Netflix’s “You.” Netflix’s current “Top 10 in the US” has a lot to offer right now.
Not leaving home leaves plenty of time to spend with your pets.

Editorial: Top 10 positive things going on right now

By The Pitt News Editorial Board March 31, 2020
With all the depressing news of the last month or two, we’re almost certain you’ve been missing out on some of the good things that have happened.
Hillman’s bathrooms can get pretty gross during midterms.

Editorial: Top 10 campus spots most likely to lead to another world, Narnia Style

By The Pitt News Editorial Board September 26, 2019
hese are 10 places on campus that are most likely to lead to another world. Narnia style, of course.
The victory lights could potentially be used to send signals in Morse code.

Editorial: Top 15 alternatives to Blackboard

By The Pitt News Editorial Board September 19, 2019
These are our top 15 alternatives to CourseWeb that we’d like to see Pitt pilot — because 10 just wasn’t enough.
The Nittany Lion looks like a cheap knockoff.

Top Ten | Things worth creating a new rivalry with Penn State over

By The Pitt News Editorial Board September 12, 2019
Nittany Lions, save yourselves now and quit like Bret Stephens quit Twitter. Here are 10 new rivalry options where we’d beat Penn State.
Stack’d restaurant on Forbes Avenue.

Top 10 | Restaurants to hit when you get back to school

By Julia Kreutzer, Senior Staff Columnist August 22, 2019
Here are my top 10 restaurants that I can’t wait to be reunited with.
Senior forward Kauai Bradley (14) earned her career-high 17 points against Clemson on Jan. 20.

Women’s basketball top ten moments

By Laura Sosovicka, For The Pitt News March 18, 2019
The women’s basketball team didn’t end with the record many thought they would, but that doesn't mean they were without big moments.
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