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Poet Laureate Tracy K. Smith speaks in Oakland
Pitt seniors will be remembered for consistency and leadership
‘The Last Five Years’ makes the most of a small cast

Luxury housing places Oakland gentrification on the horizon

As new luxury apartment buildings rise over Oakland’s skyline, gentrification and rising rents may also be on the horizon. In recent years, Forbes and Fifth avenues and the corner of Craig Street...

Committee hears student concerns regarding divestment

The road toward Pitt divestment has been long — involving urges from student groups like Fossil Free Pitt Coalition, sit-ins in the Cathedral of Learning and countless painted banners. But on Wednesday,...

Students’ lovable pet companions: A hassle and a help

Having a loyal, fluffy companion to call your own seems like every college student’s dream, but the excitement of owning a lovable pet during your four years has both its highs and lows. For junior...

Tree of Life victim Joyce Fienberg remembered as deeply caring
Ben Shapiro appearance sparks controversy
High-rise apartments offer luxury off-campus living to students


Op-ed: University must follow through with divestment

By Hannah Bailey
12:49 am

While the creation of a Socially Responsible Investing Committee and its holding of a public forum does show a step in the right direction, whether the University follows through in actually reassessing the ethics of its investments remains to be seen.

Trump’s inadequate response to the Tree of Life shooting

By Mackenzie Oster, For The Pitt News
12:16 am

Trump’s initial response to the Pittsburgh shooting was to suggest the addition of armed guards in places of worship and a stricter implementation of the death penalty. Both of Trump’s suggestions model the behavior that they seek to prevent — the addition of more violence and death to society.

Editorial: GQ’s “Woman” of the Year cover insensitive

By The Pitt News Editorial Board
12:09 am

The GQ magazine's "Woman" of the Year cover featuring Serena Williams has drawn the ire of fans on social media since its release. The stylistic choices completely ignore the important context of Williams’ history in the public eye.

Wilson-Frame, Toney Lead Panthers Past UCA Bears 97-71

By Andrew Kelly and Stephen Thompson
1:21 am

Pitt Basketball is already week of last year’s team in terms of wins. The Panthers won their fourth game, a 97-71 win over the University of Central Arkansas, on Nov., 15. Last year, the Panthers didn’t win their fourth game until Dec. 1.

What are the odds: Pittsburgh will come out on top

By Colin Martin, Staff Writer
November 15, 2018

Another week is over which means it’s time to start placing your bets on weekend sports. It looks likely both Pittsburgh football teams will come back with victories.

Panthers to unleash the demon on Wake Forest

By Michael Nitti, Staff Writer
November 15, 2018

With a run game that can’t be stopped and a quarterback who is quietly improving, it is looking hopeful that Pitt will continue making history by clinching the first ACC Championship appearance in program history.

The ultimate guide to affordable apartment decor

By Shahum Ajmal, Contributing Editor
November 15, 2018

If you have been waiting for the moment to let your creativity shine in your own home, allow our assistant layout editor to offer some tips to spice up your apartment.

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Polish Fest brings food and fellowship to Oakland

By Sarah Connor, Culture Editor
November 13, 2018

At the annual Polish Fest on Nov. 11 in the Cathedral of Learning, guests could indulge in food, music and even fortune-telling.

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‘Much Ado About Nothing’ is something special with student efforts

By Victoria Pfefferle-Gillot, Staff Writer
November 13, 2018

The students in “Much Ado About Nothing” managed to memorize their lines for the very first day of rehearsal in order to grapple with the Shakespearean lines.

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Exploring the Boot with Grace: Studying while abroad

By Grace McGinness, Columnist
November 9, 2018

Some students become so excited over their study abroad experience and all the extra bonuses that come with it like new food, new experiences and new friends that they forget their main obligation — studying.

By Elise Lavallee, Digital Manager
October 10, 2018

This page was made possible in part by a grant from Year of Pitt Global. At the age of 21, Alyssa Martinec boarded a plane to Shanghai, embarking on her second trip to China. This time, she was going to conduct research about air quality and the system justification theory. “Environmental issues are extremely global,” Martinec said. “The most obvious examples being climate change and water and air pollution. These issues transcend national borders.” After graduating high school,...

Exploring the Boot with Grace: <br> Embrace your inner tourist

By Grace McGinness, Columnist, Blogger
September 25, 2018

Since I have arrived in Florence, the problem of tourists has been a main point of conversation with my professors. Tourists stand in the road and mess up traffic, they don’t know how to speak any Italian or adhere to any of the local customs, they don’t take the time to appreciate anything that they see here.

GALLERY: Pitt Panthers defeat Virginia Tech Hokies, 52-22

By TPN Staff | November 10, 2018

Pitt Panthers defeat Virginia Tech Hokies, 52-22, during their last home game of the season Nov. 10.

October 29, 2018

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